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Wednesday, April 30, 2003
VOL. II Issue 4R
E.E. Hinkle has been informed by his brother, Don, that LaRayne has taken a turn for the worse and was taken to the hospital on upon the insistance of her daughter, Shirley McGuire. It appears that LaRayne is having a bad reaction to the medication she is taking to treat her shingles. All of us at the Holabird Advocate are still hoping and praying for the best.
E.E. Hinkle was informed by the National Honor Roll that they have selected his grandchild, Brinee Kennedy, for induction into the National Honor Roll for outstanding achievement. Her name and biography will be published. He has the chance to purchase this book for the price of $44.95 or the deluxe edition with her name stamped in gold for 54.95.
Trouble is, the girls name is Britnee, not Brinee. Also, she is not a mere grandchild, but a great-grandchild. Someone in this brilliant organization has screwed up. These people are supposed to be smart. It looks like the National Honor Society isn't the fine outfit they pretend to be.
by Jerry Hinkle
Well, it's been 30 days since I said I would think about running for President of the United States. I've considered all the "Dos and Don'ts" and decided against it. Because I love this country I want to have the best possible people running it. that does not include me. Not in an official capacity. It's really a question of whether I can serve this, my country, best as President of the United States, or Publisher of the Holabird Advocate. America is best served, I believe, with me behind the Publishers desk rather than the Oval Office.
I hope that I have not disappointed too many of you Readers out there. I'm sure that most of you will agree that this was the only reasonable decision. There are some people who will still want to "draft" me. I hope they forget that notion.

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