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Thursday, March 27, 2003
VOL. II Issue 3Q
Once again PETA is rearing it's ugly head. They have joined the ranks of the war protesters because of the use of dolphins in locating mines in the Persian Gulf. PITA is protesting the PETA protest. Jerry Hinkle, founder of PITA, in a statement this morning said "Unless PETA members are willing to go in place of the dolphins they should just shut up. Besides, dolphin tuna is tasty."
One week after the fighting started, reports came in that when the Allied Fighting Force gets to Baghdad, Saddam has ordered that the poison gas attacks begin. Yes, Barbara Streisand, the same poison that the U.N. inspectors didn't find in Iraq.
Former President Bill Clinton has released a statement urging all Americans to support President Bush and the American troops (Did you hear that, Micheal Moore?).
Because the Allied Fighting Force has run into more resistance in southern Iraq than was anticipated, it is believed that the war may take longer that expected. Both parties in Congress are rushing to get the $74 billion support package for the war effort. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that, after all this effort,the Iraqis don't love us like France when the war is over.
Introducing AudioBlogger! So, imagine this: You're driving down the road, chatting at a party, or whatever. You have a phone. You call your blog on the phone. You leave a message. The message gets instantly posted to your blog as an MP3 file for the world to listen to. Cool?
On February 27 this is how "Audio Blogger" was introduced into the Blogger.com line of products. Our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle has stumbled across an actual audio blog on the Bloger site www.kevinsites.net/. Kevin Sites is a CNN reporter who was blogging from Gulf War II. He hasn't blogged since March 21. Jerry was impressed by what he did see. If there is an interest in expanding the Holabird Advocate into this field, we will certainly see what can be done. Any Readers that have MP3 knowledge may be asked to come forward and helpout with that project if it does happen, because we know absolutly nothing about MP3 technology.

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