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Saturday, March 22, 2003
VOL. II Issue 3N
The Allied Force officially started the war with Iraq with a series of attacks designed to "Shock and Awe" the Iraqi people. These attacks, while not exactly making us at the Holabird Advocate stand with mouth open and exclaim "Shazam!" or "Well, Golly", like Gomer Pyle, USMC, seem to get the job done with some folks. Helping America with this war are England, Japan, and Turkey. The French must be helping Iraq, as they have been surrendering in the thousands lately. Most of these raids are occuring at night because of the use of the Stealth Bomber. You can see it in the daytime, but Stealth Bombers are harder to see at night than an Angus bull.
It's not all sunshine and glory in this war though. Twenty of the Allied Force personnel have been reported dead or missing so far. That means 20 families have paid the supreme sacrifice for liberty and a terror free world. As time goes by, we must remember the cost of freedom.
War coverage has not exactly proved to be a ratings bonaza for ABC, as more people were watching a repeat of "Friends" on Thursday night. Cheer up ABC, at least You beat the NCAA championships on CBS. It would help if you only came on when something new happened instead of rehashing the same old stuff.
By the way, do you know the difference between Bush and Saddam? Well, Bush wants peace, but Saddam wants piece (piece of Kuwait, piece of Iran, piece of Turkey)
After 13+ hours of driving from New Mexico Harold and Mary Hinkle got home late Friday night. There was nobody there to greet them as Jerry and E.E. Hinkle were sleeping peacefully. They were able to catch up on the two weeks of mail that was awaiting them. Much to Harold's disgust, Mary cleaned up the mess that her grandchildren made while they were away. Harold said, "I brought you home so we could loaf". To which Mary replied, "All you did while we were gone was loaf". When asked Why Jerry hadn't cleaned up the mess, he said, "I don't clean up messes I make. Why would I clean up after Darrel's kids?".
What really upset Harold was that he drove almost 1000 miles in one day to see his grandkids and the only one he saw was Cade. "I guess he's my favorite, now" Harold said with a chuckle.
The Holabird Advocate's Circulation Department has reported another search engine has found a Reader of our Newsblog. this time it was Excite. The word in the search was "vlceks". Of course Vlcek's Food Center is the only grocery store in Hyde county and has been mentioned in this Newsblog twice. They were unable to find which mention brought that reader to us, we're just glad that it did.
Suzzanne Marie Nemec, formerly of Holabird, now residing in beautiful downtown Sioux Falls, is to become the Bride of Derek James McCloud, address unknown but hopefully not to far from beautiful downtown Sioux Falls, Their Marriage is planned to begin on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 3pm. The ceremony will be at St. Mary's Cathelic Church in Highmore S.D. with a reception and dance to follow the ceremony at the Hyde County Memorial Auditorium.
The Bride to be is working at the State Pen. in Sioux Falls. The occupation of the Groom-elect is unknown at this time, but we're quite sure he's not an inmate.

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