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Tuesday, March 18, 2003
VOL. II Issue 3K
Despite all the weatherman's prediction of rain and rain turning to snow starting Sunday night, Holabird has yet to see the snow and rain. The "Big Storm" they promised us seems to be a lot of hot air. They've changed it to a 15% chance now. As for all of you who may have taken your winter underwear down from the attic, don't put it back just yet, you may have need of it this week. Maybe now that we're at "Orange alert", we'll have a big storm of some sort.
Colin Zilverberg reported Sunday night that they are in Tennessee He was in "real" hillbilly country from the sound of things. He did not know when he would be able to call again, hopefully in the next day or so. Many of those with Colin are fathers that have left behind new born children or babies that are due in a few weeks along with other immediate family members. Colin and the other single guys may look at this as being somewhat of an adventure that they volunteered to fulfill for our country.
It doesn't seem like little Colin Zilverberg is old enough to go to war, but he is. With W giving Saddam 48 hours, from which almost 19 have elapsed, to get out of Iraq, all of us at the Holabird Advocate ask your continued prayers for Colin and all.
by Hiram Gonagan
Harold and Mary Hinkle celebrated St. Patrick's day in style, eating corned beef and cabbage. They left all the other traditional customs such as drinking green beer and eating Lucky Charms with green beer instead of milk to the kids with something to prove.
by Jerry Hinkle
Because of what looks to be shaping up as Gulf War II could happen at or around 7pm Wednesday evening, the current poll will be in effect until then or at such a time as the conflict ensues, whichever comes first. The standard rating poll will be in place for the remainder of the month of March, if, in fact conflict does occur. So if you haven't taken the poll, better make up your mind fast. So far, no surprise, we're running even. The Readers, much like the rest of the nation, are split right down the middle on this issue.

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