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Friday, March 14, 2003
VOL. II Issue 3I
Holabird's weather is warming up. Today's high could get into the 70s. Some places in South Dakota could see 80 or above. Some are predicting an early spring and putting away their winter undies. There is one dark cloud on this silver lining. A statewide "storm" is forcast on Monday for the South Dakota area. Exactly what that entails we have no idea, but we'll take it as it comes.
by Jerry Hinkle of the Holabird Advocate
All of America, including those of us here at the Holabird Advocate are delighted and happy that The Smart family have their Elizabeth back. Please all do remember that while you read this. I have always had this feeling that perhaps Elizabeth left her home willingly and did not want to be found. She said to the police herself that she ran away. I thought perhaps a boyfriend was involved. depending on who you listen to, I may have been right. One thing I do know is that this Immanuel is no Mormon. I know a few Mormons and they aren't anything like that guy. The truth is, we may never know exactly what he, his wife, and Elizabeth had in mind during the last 9 months that they were together. We can all still hope that she was more of a daughter than a wife to him.
The Smart family has been lobbying for the "AMBER Alert System" to be Fedralized. South Dakota just got on line with a statewide "AMBER alert". I really don't know much about it yet, but I do know that AMBER had precious little to do with finding Elizabeth. As for how effective it is otherwise, well the jury's still out on that. My main worry is that AMBER will be activated falsly and we'll be looking for kids that aren't even missing. We may even get so used to AMBER alerts that we won't pay attention to them anymore.
by Buster Brock
Threre are a lot of oxy-morons in the television world today. Like funny sitcoms, morning news, TV star Ahmet Zappa, and others. the biggest condradiction in terms is "Reality TV". Up until last night we had "Survivor's battle of the sexes". Yeah right, tell me that's not fixed. How about that "All-American Girl" show. One of the celebrities on this show is the "artist" former known as "Ginger Spice", who is Brittish by the way. I understand there will be another "Joe Millionaire" too. I think they ought to use Jerry Hinkle in that, of course he'd never go for it. They need to have someone who is really rich but acts poor. who lives in a run down house. There's a house not too far from the Ponderosa that would work nicely. Yeah, I could see getting a millionaire and all kind of gold-diggers in that house for a show called "Joe Millionaire". Come to think of it, that might even make a darn good sitcom as well. Sort of a "Beverly Hillbillies" in reverse. I'd watch a show like that one. Wouldn't you?
The Circulation department has reported that as of 11:00am Holabird time today we recieved our 1000 Reader. Holabird Advocate Publisher Jerry Hinkle was visably happy about reaching this milestone. In a statement this morning he said. "I'm totally loving it. This little newsblog keeps growing by a few new Readers everyday. I'm glad that new people are discovering what we do here. I just hope the Readers enjoy this as much as I do. We couldn't do it without them."

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