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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
VOL. II Issue 3G
As reported yesterday, the 147th Field Artillery was activated. It was stated in that report that this brought the "War on Terrorism close to home. We have since discovered that Colin Zilverberg, who grew up in Holabird is among that number.
Colin and his unit will be leaving Wednesday, March 12th to report to Redfield and will be leaving on Friday for a base in the states. After training a couple of months there is the possibility of going over-seas.
There will be a Community Send Off at the Miller Armory Wednesday, March 12th @ 7:00pm and a Mobilization Ceremony Friday, March 14th @ 3:00pm in Redfield.
Let's keep Colin and all the other men and women in our armed forces in our prayers.
by Hiram Gonagan
Well, they made a good effort, but Mary Hinkle refuses to laof in Arizona as well. Yesterday, E.E. Hinkle called his Daughter, Mavis Kennedy, to wish her a happy birthday. She told him that they even tried to tie her down to a chair. We hope that either Mavis or E.E. were just joking, but you never know.
The Hinkles and the Kennedys are on there way to visit the Ken and Joyce Ferris at their claim and go prospecting for gold. They will be staying overnight in a nearby hotel rather than stay in the desert with Ken and Joyce. No word on if they are in fact going to be visiting Marion Maginnis while all three of them are together.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
An act of Congress has changed french fries to "Freedom Fries" never mind that the fries were invented in Belgium. Yes! Leadership at last from our congressmen and women. We have a huge budget defficit, cattle and cattle ranchers starving themselves off their land, Gas prices getting higher than a San Francisco hippie, The Flag Pledge is still unconstitutional, But thank God the "french fry" problem has finally been dealt with at long last.
I dealt with this french fry problem years ago. In 1986, when the French would not help us with Libya, I called french toast "Texas Toast" and I ate "Curly Fries" or in a pinch I called them "chips" like the Brittish do. Did I need an act of congess? NO! I can think and do things for myself. Oh, by the way, America dealt with Libya without the French and now Libya is not a problem anymore.
Interesting thing about French perfume. I understand they call it Eau de Toilette, which means, I believe "From the toilet". Yeah, I want me some of that, eh. Do you know why French people don't like to swim? It's too much like bathing.

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