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Tuesday, March 11, 2003
VOL. II Issue 3F
The "War on Terrorism" hit pretty close to home when the 147th Field Artillery unit of Redfield and Miller was ordered to report for federal service. Members of the unit willl strengthen the 181st Field Artillery unit from Tennessee.
Brittany's Hinkle's birthday party was late enough as it was, but the party was sceduled for 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Jerry and E.E. Hinkle were only the second and third guests to arrive, and they didn't get there until 3:15. Jerry was shocked to see that the only one to beat them there was Ruby Hoffman. Soon Jim, Ken, Amy, and Samantha Hoffman got there. So did Beth Aasby along with her daughter Ayden and foster kids James and Jasmin. Larry And Bonnie Nickleson aslo came to add to the fun with Andy and Tracy Lennick. Cake was served becuse people were tired of waiting for Doug Hinkle and his group to get there, which they did at 5 o'clock. E.E. Hinkle asked Doug if he was going to stay overnight because they arrived so late. Thier reason: Ashley had a hair appointment. After much prodding and what will go down in history as the world longest hint, Jerry finally took E.E. Home so he could see Bill Clinton on "60 Minutes".
Darrel Hinkle noticed a tom cat trying to built kittens in Harold Hinkle's house cat Precious II, who Harold raised since she was an orphan 6 years ago. Darrel rushed to the house, grabbed a trusty shotgun and blasted the tom cat good and proper. Now, none of us at the Holabird Advocate recommend using a shotgun as a birth control device. but in this case it may have been effective. We'll know in 63 days I guess.
Today is Mavis Kennedy's 70th birthday. Mavis shares her birthday with a lot of folks. Andrew Lennick turns 18 today (better get registered with selective service there, Bubba). John Hoffman turns 29 today. Those who have to shop for him have our sympathy. It seems that he's so rich he has two cellphone numbers. The biggest celebrity to call March 11 his birthday is Lawrence Welk. Had he not died 11 years ago, he'd have turned 100 years old today.
Harold and Mary Hinkle have not said too awful much since they made it to George and Mavis Kenndy's place at Green Valley Arizona Saturday afternoon. Hopefully Mary is loafing, or at least learning how to. They called Darrel last night, but Darrel has only discussed the contents of that call with E.E. Hinkle, who forgot what they said.

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