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Friday, March 07, 2003
VOL. II Issue 3D
Harold Hinkle always expects a disaster whenever he leaves home for very long. So far things at the Ponderosa are going smoothly. Jerry Hinkle has had little trouble taking care of his 100 year old grandfather, E.E. Hinkle. In fact, the old boy doesn't care if all his children are down south. Harold claimed right along that he would be stewing the whole time when in reality, he could care less.
Everyone is glad to hear that Mary had no trouble at the doctor yesterday. No new medications and no new complications for her. She should have smooth sailing for the time being. It's not known when, or even if the doctor wants to see her again.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Darrel had a little trouble with his 350 Ford 4 wheel drive Powerstroke Diesel (insert "Tool Time" grunt here) pick-up that's almost like the one W drives when he's in Crawford, Texas (Darrel didn't spring for bullet-proof windows and tires though). He called Jerry to tow him with the Chevy truck. Problem was, it wouldn't start. It wouldn't but his Olds Regency would. Yes, the little Olds Regency that he gets 32 MPG since switching to Friction Free 3000. pulled Darrel all the way into the front yard. It must have looked like a tug boat pulling a battleship. Jerry's car did get some damage to the bumper that Darrel claims he can fix. All of us at the Holabird Advocate belive that the tow job will play heck with his milage as well.
by Hiram Gonagan
At 8:20 last night Harold and mary called home to let the folks there know that they made it to North Platte, Nebraska, far short of their goal They did manage to get 315 miles from home before they stoped. The computer program that we are using at the Holabird Advocate tells us that they will be in Oakley, Kansas by around noon provided that they leave around 9:00. There is a Pizza Hut in Oakley, so they won't starve. That will make it 470 miles, almost halfway there. They will call again to report where they ended up tonight.
Darrel Hinkle has decided to take advantage of the weather in Spearfish to go snowmobiling again. He is going with other people. He won't put a name to any of them for fear that their name would end up on the front page of the Holabird Advocate.

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