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Monday, March 03, 2003
VOL. II Issue 3A
Saturday, March 1 was a beautiful sunshiny day. Perhaps that is why there really wasn't such a crowd at the Hyde County Farm home and Sports Show. Our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle went to the event by himself. He reported not having to stand in line at any time. He also reported that he didn't see any of his many relatives at the Crop Show. His greatest disappointment was not getting a pizza cutter at the Venture Communications booth.
Among the exibitors at the Crop Show were The Coughlin's of Holabird. They were showing pictures of the calf shelters that they sell out of their home. They looked quite impressive and were very nicely photgraphed
There was an afternoon "Cracker Barrel" with the District 23 legislators at the Crop Show that failed to pack the house despite having it announced 3 times on the P.A. system. Representitives Justin Davis and Tom Hackl as well as Senator Jay Duenwald, all Republicans, addressed the folks that did bother to show up. Issues such as the taxes that were proposed by the Governor to eliminate the budget shortfall, school funding, insurance reforms, wind energy, internet sales and use taxes, the sale of the state's cement plant that took place a few years back and road use issues. The usually critical Jerry Hinkle did find something good about this year's legistative session, and congratulated the legislators on making rodeo the state sport. Rep. Hackl reported that both Colorado and Wyoming tried to do the same, but they were prevented by the terrorist group PETA (not to be confused with PITA) from doing so. After the Cracker Barrel session was over Jerry commented that he was glad that there was someone in the statehouse younger than him. It gave him a greater hope for the future of the state.
Perhaps the most shocking thing to happen at the Crop Show for Jerry Hinkle was seeing Brigette "the midget" Nemec. She is almost as tall as he is now. He was so shocked that he swallowed his gum. He'll have to stop calling her Brigette the midget, that's for sure.
Ignoring the pleas of her father-in-law, Mary Hinkle is as busy as ever. She has been working on another denim quilt, babysiting, and getting ready to leave for New Mexico and Arizona later this week. E.E. Hinkle has been doing his part. He has been doing his own dishes and being less demanding in general. The only loafing Mary has done was baking bread with her bread making machine. As for Jerry, he's been too busy to teach her how to loaf. besides attending the Crop Show, he has done dishes, fed the cats and bulls, and managed to come into the Holabird Advocate head office every day last week.
by Jerry Hinkle of the Holabird Advocate
It is easy to lose your faith in these troubled times with war looming over the horizon, and people protesting everthing under the sun. The patriotism that was in this country earlier seems to be waning. There are even people who don't look at the American flag during the "Star Spangled Banner" at sporting events. They turn at a 90 degree angle in protest of this country. I suppose it's their right, but still, these people should go to Iraq with the "Human shields" if they hate the country that much. I can understand hating W, or Congress, or even hating me, but not the country. NOT AMERICA!! America is not perfect, but it is still the best country in the world. Our leaders are likewise not perfect. I didn't vote for W, but I sure support his decision to hold Iraq accountable. The protesters of this war that hasn't happened yet carry signs shouting "STOP BUSH". Not one shouts "STOP SADDAM". It does take two to tango. Doesn't it?
This situation should scare me. It should, but it doesn't. My niece Brittany will turn 6 tomorrow. When asked what she wants for her birthday she said, "I want my very own flag so I can be an American". WOW! Where did that come from? It could be that apart from reading, writing and 'rithmatic, she's learning citizenship from her school experience. She starts her school day by reciting the Flag Pledge. The same pledge that is still unconstitutional in the People's Republic of California. After that pledge, I understand, She and the rest of the class sing "America the Beautiful". Brit does that whenever and wherever she sees the American Flag. Teachers like her Mrs. LaMont, Mrs. Krick, and Mrs. Nemec have done a great job with Brit and I hope several other kindergarteners in Hyde County.
So yes, there is hope for this country. I intend to see to it that she does get her Flag. It won't be in time for her birthday, but it will be with her for all the birthdays to come.
Hotbot did it again. This time the query was "van tassel cemetary". the Circulation and Marketing Research Department were unable to see what article this search engine discovered to fit the search criteria. We're glad they brought us another reader.
We at the Holabird Advocate recieved this piece on Celtic astrology. the following is for our Publisher Jerry Hinkle and his 100 year old Grandfather, E.E. Hinkle. Read it and decide if you think there's anything to it or not.
ELM TREE (the Noble-mindedness) -
pleasant shape, tasteful clothes, modest demands,
tends not to forgive mistakes, cheerful, likes to lead
but not to obey, honest and faithful
partner, likes making decisions for others,
noble-minded, generous, good sense of humor, practical.

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