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Wednesday, March 19, 2003
What will go down in history as "three minutes over Baghdad" happened right in the middle of a very unfunny comedy competition on "Star Search". At about 8:33pm Holabird time, the city of Baghdad was attacked with possibly as many as 3 dozen cruise missiles, most likely Tomahawks, known for "deadly acuracy". The target, a bunker believed to hold top Iraqi leaders who were meeting in regard to the Bush ultimatum. As of now there is no word of success or failure.
Officially the war has not started, and so the Holabird Advocate will still operate as it has. When Gulf War II actually does break out in earnest, we will try to sort out the facts and try to provide the perspective that our Readers have come to expect and count on for the past 15 months. Bare in mind the ancient proverb that the first and greatest casulty in war is the truth.
We repeat that Gulf War II has not broken out just yet, but it is likely to do so at any time. Especially if Saddam and his sons were not killed in the attack that happened almost 3 hours ago.

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