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Friday, December 20, 2002
VOL. I Issue 12F
In this case "aloha" means "goodbye". It seems that Harold and Mary Hinkle couldn't get a flight out for less that $1400. Harold said that if he needs a vacation, he'll go to Arizona. At any rate, it looks like Harold and Mary will celebrate Elvismas at home instead of "Blue Hawaii". On the bright side, they will be able to attend their grandson Cade's 1st birthday party.
Agnes Hahn will be serving prime rib for her Christmas dinner. Of course, there's always "room at the table" but you'd better call ahead or your plate may be empty, although that's not very likely with Agnes.
A memorial service for Lucinda Zilverberg, Daughter of Former Valley Township residents David and Carol Zilverberg, will be held on Friday January 3, 2003 at 2pm at the United Methodist Church in Highmore. Ms. Zilverberg died on Thanksgiving day, November 28, 2002 at the age of 52 years 1 month and 2 days fighting a brief battle with cancer.
by Jerry Hinkle, of the Holabird Advocate
Well the left leaning pot smokers in the media can really pat themselves on the back. After a relentless attack on the character of one of the leading members of the Senate, Trent Lott has decided to step down from his leadership post. It is important to note that he is still a member of the Senate, but for how long. The media is not the only one to blame. congressional members from both sides of the fence and our all the sudden wimpy President W are also to blame. Their silence on this issue spoke volumes to me. Weak as water, the lot of them WEAK AS WATER!!!
You, the Reader, may think me a racist for suporting Senator Lott. This is not the case. I supported Senator Lott because, and only because, former South Dakota Senator, Larry "Press Release" Pressler, A witness to the speech Senator Lott made, said that the media made much ado about nothing. Of course, I suspected as much before he said that. I personally feel that Senator Lott was lying just to make Strom Thurmond feel good on his 100th birthday. Senator Lott is, after all, a politician. They do it all the time.
As always opposing views are welcome for equal time publication. So far, I've not recieved one. I'll be waiting.

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