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Monday, December 16, 2002
VOL. Issue 12D
Severeral elementry school kids were taken ill with with strep throat. Among them was Brittany Hinkle. She left the school Thursday with a sore throat. It hurt her to the point that she didn't want to talk. Kristi Hinkle took her to the clinic, where a medical professional was consulted, on Friday Morning. Kristi was informed that this strain is contagous and to watch herself and the other members of the family, especially the children.
Britt was given bed rest for the next day and a half, being healthy enough to go to Sunday School and church. She along her parents, sister and brother missed the Nemec Christmas Party that was held on Saturday night.
Also seeking a doctor was Darrel Hinkle, Who was in need of an eye exam to comply with the powers that be who yanked his flight certificate. Both Darrel and his eye doctor filled out forms in triplicate. Time will tell if he can get the certificate back now. Darrel's Brother, Jerry Hinkle, Holabird Advocate Publisher, is blaming Janklow for the whole mess because the original forms at the eye doctor's office show that he sees 20/20. It is the sincere hope of all of us at the Holabird Advocate that when Mike Rounds assumes power next month he can find people who know how to read those government forms.
Holabird's biggest party was thrown at the home of Ed and Barbara Nemec. The usual ham, baked potato, hot dish, and pies were on the menu with plates of goodies afterward. John Zilverberg brought a pinochle deck so naturally a pinochle game followed.
Several of the area's children were absent because of strep, but those in attendance were well behaved.
New to the gathering were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Coughlin, who reside on the Ziltner place AKA the old Moss place. They were complemented on the repairs and refurbishments that they have completed this year. Betty Eckstien noticed that she had neighbors a few months ago, when a mailbox with their mame appeared next to her's. They are fine folks and welcome to the area.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
By now I''m sure you've all heard about the flap caused by the left leaning pot smokers in the media over a few words said by Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) to 100 year old Strom Thurmond (R-SC). It seemed that some people took offense to Sen. Lott saying that the country would have been better off if Thurmond had been elected President in 1948. Since then Sen. Lott has been called "racist" and "bigot" and other things not printable here. Let's be fair now. He didn't say one word about segregation as the idiot on the TV news claim.He was just giving his friend in the Senate a tribute.
Now there is a bipartisan effort to unseat Sen. Lott for "racist comments" that were not racist in any way. If this keeps up the agitators just might make the KKK look good by comparison. The Democrats especially should keep quiet. After all Sen Thurmond was a Democrat when he ran for President. A lot of his supporters were too. Some of those Democrats are still in the Senate as well.
This newsblog and I stand by Sen. Lott! Opposing views are welcome and may get published!

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