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Tuesday, December 10, 2002
VOL. I Issue 12C
Harold and Mary Hinkle have a chance to go to our lands 50th state for a couple of weeks in January. This is all courtesy of Larry and Phyllis Ehlers. It also may be possible for Mary and Phyllis's mother Agnes Hahn to join them as well. It seems the only thing holding them back is leaving 100 year old E.E. Hinkle at the mercy of Jerry Hinkle. They are afraid,it seems, that Jerry and E.E. will eat pizza, drink heavily, and chase wild women all the time. They want Harold's sister, Joyce to come over for that 2 week period and force them to eat vegtables and all that jazz.
That said, all of us at the Holabird Advocate hope that you the readers will e-mail Mary and Harold at mhhink@sbtc.net and encourage them to go on this trip. Also any and all wild women out there are encouraged to come on up to the Ponderosa if they'd like to watch a 100 year old man eat pizza.
A child development expert of some sort was called to the home of Darrel and Kristi Hinkle because cetain people were concerned that 1 year old Justin is not progressing as much as he should be. Said expert played with Justin and he talked, and he walked and pretty much proved that he is a typical, thriving, healthy boy who is in no way abnormal. His cousin Cade now, he's Allergic to peanut butter. THAT'S ABNORMAL
It appears that because he had the famous Lasix procedure done to his eyes, Darrel Hinkle is no longer a licensed pilot. Steps are now being undertaken to reinstate is credentials. Good thing he hasn't got a plane yet.

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