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Monday, December 02, 2002
VOL. I Issue 12A
The Editorial staff has selected Susan Marie Hansen Geitzenauer, of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, as it's "Person of the Year" for 2002. "She was the only obvious choice.", declared Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle. "It was because of her that the Holabird Advocate newsblog was started. She gave me the idea of blogging by sending me an article from USA TODAY, After which I thought about it,debating pro and con, checked out Blogger.com, and finally decided to bring my unique talents and abilities as well as my hometown of Holabird, South Dakota to the world."
There will be more on Mrs. Geitzenauer later in this edition for the benefit of those that don't know her.
Strong winds blew tumbleweeds all over the Ponderosa Friday afternoon into the night.huge piles of tumbleweeds were gathered around the houses, barns, and other buildings. It was mentioned that if this had been snow, we would have had a lot of trouble. Besides the tumbleweed mess, there were road signs that had blown over and also dirt was blowing in some places.
by Jerry Hinkle, our Publisher
If one was to look up the word "Lady" in the dictionary, I believe that there should be a picture of Susan. She is very elegant even when she is lounging around the house in her pajamas on those rare occasions when she is able to. She is also very kind warm and loving. She had the benefit of a Norwegian Luthern upbringing. This taught her the value of family, hard work, and having fun in life.
I've known Susan for-well-for a good many years. In fact I can't remember a time when I didn't know her. Many of the best times in my life were brought about, either directly or in directly, because of her. Susan's wedding Greg, her husband of 6 years, was wonderful, I got to go to Forrest City a few days ahead of the rest of her Family and friends to help out. I got to drive a new Caddilac for the first, and so far the only time. It was also because of the wedding that I was able to renew the aquaintance of the only woman I'll ever love, and even though I screwed that up royally, I still look back on that time with fondness.
It is needless to say that starting the Holabird Advocate has been just one more wonderful thing in my life. I hope all of you, the readers, approve of our Person of the Year" for 2002 : SUSAN MARIE HANSEN GEITZENAUER.

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