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Monday, December 30, 2002
VOL. I Issue 12J
E.E. Hinkle had an eye infection some days ago, which he was treating with pennicillin. He has developed some sort of rash on his right arm that is being speculated as being a sort of reaction to the pennicillin. Medical assistance has been been sought on this at the Highmore Clinic. More details will be forthcoming.
by Buster Brock of the Holabird Advocate
Harold Hinkle always says that men want only 2 things: a beer, and to see something naked. Beer was optional in the entertainment world this year, although that would explain the popularity of of Ozzy and Eminem this year. Nudity did not spell success for a lot of folks in 2002.
Former teen popstar, Tiffany, was in the April issue of this years Playboy. She was trying to get publicity for her upcoming album. Well, I didn't buy this album of hers. Did you? Incedently, if any of you Readers can arrange a viewing of the April Playboy for us, please do so (strictly for research purposes)
George Clooney had a movie ( the name of which we forgot) in which he mooned the camera . Not even Mr. Clooney's backside could get people to the theater for this show.
What was the biggest movie of the year. A real snoozefest called "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Harold Hinkle started watching this movie 3 times and he didn't see enough nudity to keep him awake either of those 3 times. I've seen the gal who was the "star" of this movie on various talk shows. Her being nude would have killed the movie for sure.
by Jerry Hinkle
Wednesday will mark the first anniversary of our Newsblog. We've had a lot of fun toogether and we've also learned a lot as well. I want to thank you, the Readers for giving this a try. Next year with Bravenet.com we may add a new service, depending on how the poll vote goes. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see in the Holabird Advocate, feel free to let me know. I'm happy to do whatever it takes to enhance your reading pleasure.
Because of publishing delays, I've been thinking of going to Blogger Pro. It is not a free service. I would like to find a corporate sponsor to pay for that if we end up doing that. Next month's poll, the first for the new year will ask the question. "Who should be our corporate sponsor?" Right now, I have 2 corporate sponsors in mind.
Wells Fargo Bank has let quite a few of their employees read the Holabird Advocate. This is thanks in part to one of the original Readers. A young lady, who if she weren't already my cousin (and married to a guy who'd beat the tar out of me) I'd give a great big, wet, juicy kiss.
Another possibility is the newly formed Venture Communications. We have at least one Reader from there. A little word of mouth and we could catch on there as well.
Of course, you the Reader may not think we need Blogger Pro at all, so we will have that option as well.
Please remember that just becuse I ask doesn't mean that either of these businesses will sponsor us.
On behalf of myself and everyone else at the Holabird Advocate, have a Happy New Year. We'll see you next year.

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