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Friday, December 27, 2002
VOL. I Issue 12H
Once again Christmas was pretty good to Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle. Instead of the usual crap that people usually get on Christmas, Jerry and his family had no Chia pets, Clappers, singing fish, and not even socks and underwear to contend with. Most of his gifts came in the form of cash. When asked what he was going to do with the filthy green stuff, he said, "I ain't a buyin' no socks and underwear, chum!".
The Christmas dinner at Agnes Hahns home was divine as well. The prime rib roast was cooked to perfection, and there were plenty of leftovers to go around. One dessert that was worthy of mention was the hot fudge sundae cheesecake, which was Dianne Hoffman's contribution to the Christmas fun. As the name implies it was neither low in calories nor in fat.
Earlier this week it was asked of Harold and Mary Hinkle if it were possible for Professor Ken Hansen of Waldorf College to bring his gun and his corn for some hunting. He was told that he could bring his gun, but to leave his corn at home and get it locally. The Professor's hunting party is expected at the Ponderosa at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. There may still be birds in the trees.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to
the Holabird Advocate
Where did this month go? I was so unprepared for Christmas this year, and I'm sure that I won't get any better next year. I have always prided myself on my ability to get my Christmas cards written and mailed by November 30th. I mailed a total of two cards on the 19th of December. Those with e-mail get an e-card from me instead of a Christmas card. I was late in doing that as well. It is simply unexceptable for me to say, "Oh well, everybody else runs late too." Why are the holidays such a busy time? Why is it exactly that I'm busy, yet get nothing done. It could be, maybe, that I am getting older. I'm sure the Advent season went by at a crawl for my nieces. My 5 year-old niece Brit will have to wait for 20% of her life for next Christmas to roll around. My Grandad, on the other hand, has only to wait for 1% of his life.
At any rate, today is only the 3rd day of Christmas. there are 9 more to go. Let's you and me use the next 9 days to think about the important part of Christmas. The love that went into everything that we did and had done. Heck, I just heard that the Birth of Jesus really took place on April 17, 6 B.C. I wonder if it really matters anyhow. Well, at least we celebrate Elvis's birthday on the right day. Be that as it may, I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

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