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Friday, November 22, 2002
VOL. I Issue 11Q
Because of strained relations between Cuba and the United States, the trip that Wilbur Goehring, formerly of Holabird, was going to be a part of was cancelled. The Holabird Advocate had reported earlier that this trip was taking place, but had no other details at that time. Now there are no other details to report.
Earlier, it was reported that Harold Hinkle was operating the vaccum around the house. Now, he has started sweeping floors and making his bed. What comes next? Washing dishes perhaps? His wife Mary found out he doesn't do windows, as she has been washing them for the last few days. After getting over the shock of this last chain of events, everyone around the Ponderosa has said that they wish he'd either do it without complaining or just not do it at all. You'd think he was bucking for a medal or something.
This poem was written around 1915 by E.E. Hinkle as a 7th grade assignment. it was originally published in "Staying Power" a history book compiled by the Hyde County Historical Society.
I love the name of South Dakota
because it's my home State
others see it as prarie land
and just one of fourty eight

from the Sioux and James valley
with it's wheat and towering maize
to the prairie upland pasture
where the hers of cattle graze

its a State of atural beauty
you just cant wait to see the rest
theres the bad lands and black hills
all nestled in the west

the vacation land of millions
with its lakes and winding streams
seem to fascinate and hold you
and fulfilll your wildest dreams

its minerals and it's tall pines
indeed they are a part
they are a thing of beauty
and indear it to your heart

South Dakota land of beauty
I am proud to be a native son
you may be one of fourty eight
but to me you are number one

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