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Thursday, November 21, 2002
VOL. I Issue 11P
The Snow Queen Pagent has been a part of South Dakota's herritage for several years. This year Brittany Hinkle of Holabird, and the rest of the girls in the Highmore School's kindergaten class will be part of the exitement as "Little Queens". Brit's mother, Kristi Hinkle, went to Aberdeen to find a suitable dress for the occasion. Highmore's Snow Queen Pagent will be held on December 1st at the Hyde County Memorial Auditorium.
Stephanie Herseth says she's staying put. After her Election Day loss to Bill Janklow in the race for U.S. House, Herseth said she planned to stay in South Dakota. She says she's been talking to law firms across the state about job opportunities.Since the election, Herseth spent a week in Mexico and has been in Sioux Falls closing up her campaign office. She has not ruled out another run for office, but does say the timing has to be right.All of us at the Holabird Advocate wish her well.
Perhaps Morley Krupt could make her a partner in his firm.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
Today was the Great American Smokeout. All smokers are asked to take this one day out of the year to quit cold turkey (interesting that it's done a week before Thanksgiving, huh). Now I don't smoke, but as long as i'm not breathing the second hand smoke, I really don't get too upset about it if I can avoid it. I do hope that all of the smoking Readers out there did quit for the day. If you did quit for the day, swell. If you tryed, but couldn't quite do it, well there's always next year. If you didn't even bother to quit, shame on you. If you couldn't quit for just one day out of the year, you got a problem. Still, we all love you and hope you'll still love us when I say that.
I have become more accepting of smokers in the last few years. As long as they don't blow the smoke right at us, I believe that we, the non-smoker should stand up for the rights of the smoker. As stand up comic Rosane Barr once said "You should be nicer to peole that are dying! ". Seriously though, We live in the land of the free. If we have a "No Smoking Zone", perhaps a "Smoking Zone" is in order. If there is a smoker in your life and he or she is considerate of your rights not to smoke, I hope you'll return the favor be considerate of their right to smoke.
One last thing to all you smokers out there. Remember that it was, after all your decision and I don't want you sueing the tobacco companies. You're an adult so take the consequences as they come. 'nuff said.

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