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Friday, November 15, 2002
VOL. I Issue 11M
A strain of flu that was not covered by this year's flu shot has E.E. Hinkle in a bad way. His daughter Joyce Ferris came over hoping to take him to the Tulare, south Dakota area to look at the dugout that Ferris Crane Service is working on. The old boy has not been able to keep food down but so far has been able to take green tea and is keeping that down for now.
This is not Joyce's first experience with the flu because she was hospitalized because of it earlier this year. It is unknown at this time whether or not Joyce will go to Tulare and whether she will take her father along. All of us at the Holabird Advocate send our best wishes out to him and hope he gets better soon.
Zoe Maginnis was an interesting lady. She lived at a time when the living was tough. Her firstborn son, John Acel Maginnis was delivered prematurely on April 10, 1910 and lived only 45 days. One can only guess the emotions behind this poem given that it is unknown when it was written. That said please read and understand
They buried my baby in the snow,
Where the drifts lie cold and deep.
But somewhere in heaven, he's waiting I know,
For someone to sing him to sleep.
Dear father in Heaven, oh please, can't you spare
An angel from heavenly skies,
To croon to my boy of an old rocking chair,
And a mother who sang lullibies.
And if he should waken, and cry for his bed,
So far, far away in the night.
Please ask a wee star, or a moonbeam instead,
To comfort my boy with it's light.
Please tell him his teddy's as good as can be.
(His poor little teddy,) and then,
Whisper-I love him-and kiss him for me,
Dear Father in Heaven, Amen.

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