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Thursday, November 14, 2002
VOL. I Issue 11L
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to the Holabird Advocate
The election is over and we lost, South Dakota I mean. Ms. Herseth had a great campaign. I new going in it would be tough. And so it was. I can't tell you the profound sadness I felt when I had to publish the news that Janklow was elected. Still, we live in a free soceity despite Bill Janklow's best effort to turn South Dakota into a Nazi police state.
In a way, Janklows victory will make it possible for the Holabird Advocate to grow. This newsblog intends to watch Janklow very closely and report on every single thing he's doing that is even the least bit nefarious. One other bit of consolation is that he won't be having the free reign he had here to cause trouble. He may think he's won but he may well think he should have lost by the time we're through.
Lastly here is a letter from Ms, Herseth. I think she tells her message better than I can:
Dear Friends and Supporters:
Thank you for helping to make my campaign for Congress such a wonderful journey. I greatly appreciate your support and encouragement as I traveled across South Dakota, offering new ideas and a fresh perspective on both new and longstanding challenges that we face as a state and as a nation. Your efforts and generosity made our efforts possible, and although Election Night’s results were disappointing, the campaign journey has been an inspiration to me – one that I will carry with me the rest of my life.
I am proud of the campaign we ran, and I hope you are as well. I am proud of the positive vision we projected for South Dakota’s future, and of the energy and enthusiasm we added to the process. We demonstrated that you can run a strong campaign while keeping a positive tone focused on issues that matter most to everyday folks. I believe we ran a campaign that truly reflects South Dakota’s values.
I look forward to visiting with many of you in the weeks and months ahead – to thank you for embracing this campaign and to engage in a continued dialogue with me on the issues we both care so much about. Again, thanks so much for your kindness, and I hope to see you soon.

Stephanie M. Herseth

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