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Wednesday, August 28, 2002
VOL. I Issue 8M
It is the first day of school in Hyde County. Brittany Hinkle started Kindergarten when she got on the bus this morning. Some have wondered if Brittany is ready for school, but all of us here at The Holabird Advocate wonder if school is ready for her. As it turned out Brit and the 23 others had a lot of fun on the first day. The teachers and students alike are putting their best foot forward. That makes it good for everyone throughout the next year. Lets hope it continues.
The only thing you can say about those bulls at the Ponderosa (without cussing) is that they are more trouble then they are worth. They were seperated from the cows this morning and have already broken out of the corral twice. The second time one got back with the cows and Darrel had to bring out the 4-wheeler. E.E. Hinkle was not part of the recovery crew. Of course nobody can blame him for sitting this one out.
Harvest States Cooperative had a big bargin on propane so Harold and Darrel hinkle loaded up on it. the weather turned hot and now the propane is just singing out of the tanks. Harold seems to think that painting the tanks white will stop this from happenning. Ironically propane is used for winter fuel at the Ponderosa and the area. That could be why it was so cheap this time of year.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to The Holabird Advocate
Andy Warhol was an artist who only contributed two thins to our culture. The first was a painting that looks like a giant Campbells soup label and the other was the phrase that goes something like "Every one has fifteen minutes of fame". Exactly what he meant is not known. To listen to the media these days you'd think there was a rash of kidnappings going on in this country. So many not even I can keep track of them. I'm sure if the media quit speading this kind of story it would die down. It's like school shootings were a few years back. After the media stopped recognizing that kind of behavior, the number of shootings dropped.
These kidnappers are seeking their 15 minutes of fame, but they are getting infamy instead. That means they are famous in a bad way. The line between fame and infamy seems to get blurred rather easily. I hope that all of these losers that crave recognition get it in prison. I also hope that all of the kids that have been snatched away from their parents can be returned safe and sound back home. Perhaps if the national media acted more responsible, all this will happen.

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