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Monday, August 26, 2002
VOL. I Issue 8L
After fighting fire in the Keystone area with Pierre, South Dakota's Fire Department Engine Company # 1 and seeing the sights around the Black Hills Doug Hinkle is back at home doing his domestic chores and his day job at Wegner Auto. The Pierre Fire Department doesn't pay their members. In fact, it costs them beer money to belong as the story goes. Doug and Noel were making a pond in the back yard in spite of being warned against the West Nile Virus. They say as long as Kaitlyn stays out of the pond they should be alright.
Darel Hinkle has exercised his family's proud tradition of changing his mind as often as he changes his underwear. Instead of buying corn for $80/ton as he had previously planned he has bought hay for $65/ton at a farm east of Wessington, South Dakota. He is hauling the hay himself. It seems to be mostly hay from CRP land (the quality of which is c-r-a-p according to Harold Hinkle) and is in big square bales of about 900 lbs each.
Harold, Mary and Jerry Hinkle went to Highmore to have grilled steaks with Gene, Roxie, and Sydney Goehring at the invitation of Agnes Hahn. Notably absent was Tracy Lennick who was unable to tell any of the assembled company that he passed his Hunters Safety Course. Luckily for him, his grandmother mentioned it over and over so everyone knew and would not forget. The Steaks were bought at Vlceks, the local grocery store. All agreed that they were top quality and a better steak could not be had uptown or downtown.
Sydney was selling Hershey candies for $1 apiece. Each package of candy had a coupon for a Subway Resturaunt good for $1 in trade. Sydney's proceeds go to her soccer team, the name of which is unknown to anyone here at The Holabird Advocate. Sydney also showed off her Spongebob Squarepants pajamas. Mary Hinkle wondered if the came in her son Darrel's size.
Mary Hinkle showed her pictures of Austrailia. Of particular interest were the camel riding pictures and the pictures of koala's. Harold talked a little bit about vegamite which is supposed to be some sort of health food. It must be healthy as those who have tried it say it tastes terrible.

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