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Friday, August 23, 2002
VOL. I Issue 8K
As expected E.E. Hinkle had a good visit with Dr. Douglas Wednesday morning. Among other thing he told the old boy that he was in good shape and gained about 12 lbs. since June. The reason for E.E's good health is not really known but often speculated about. Jerry Hinkle and Joyce Ferris claim it's the OPC-3 that he takes every morning. It has also been guessed that the drugs that Dr. Douglas prescibes are the very reason. Some of his California relatives are even talking about trying "Boost" (which is really generic Ensure that K-mart puts out) Whatever the reason for his longevity and good health, all of us here at The Holabird Advocate hope that whatever he's doing, he keeps it up. It couldn't hurt for the rest of us to give it a try either
As the old song goes "The rains came down and the floods went up". On Thursday morning, it rained and rained and rained. The Ponderosa still has mud in the barnyard. It was close to 2 inches, just 1.82" when it finally stopped. The new rain brings with it a concern about the West Nile Virus as Hughes County has already had a few cases of that in the area.
Although 65% contained, The Fire in the Battle Creek area of the Black Hills is expected to be 100% contained by Saturday night. In fact, several of the fire fighters have been told to go home. No word on if one of those brave souls was former Holabird resident Lt. Douglas A. Hinkle of Pierre Fire Department's Engine Company #1. Fire fighters of both genders were out there. Both have been doing a great job.
W took a stand in on one of the stickest subjects in the Oregon area by proposing to open up the forests to private logging companies. This, W believes will help prevent devistating forest fires. As He travelled Thursday from his "Western White House" in Crawford, TX to Medford Oregon Air Force one passed over a 471,000 acre fire which is believed to be the largest fire in Oregon's history
This proposal, which drew fire from environmentalists, was first outlined by W on Wednesday. The White house said "These changes are neccessary to reset the balance. This isn't about clear-cutting. This is about thinning".
Nationwide, there has been nearly 6 million acres lost to wildfires. This figure is twice the national average for summertime. The cost of combating these fires could be as much as $1.5 billion, this year.

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