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Saturday, August 10, 2002
VOL. I Issue 8F
LET THERE BE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday afternoon brought .88" of rain to the thirsty ground of the Ponderosa. Water is still standing in spots. This latest bit of rain may delay silage chopping for a day or two. The weather has cooled off and is less humid than before as well. Air conditioners are on standby if needed. It has been said that if a cat sneezes, there is rain on the way. Three months ago Jerry Hinkle heard a cat sneeze. Now the rain is here. That's all he needed to be convinced.
Also on Friday afternoon Jerry Hinkle discovered that the tropical fish that was his mothers pet,and known simply as The Fish, was dead. It is not known at this time when the death occurred or what caused the death.Only that he/she/it had a burial at sea after Jerry respectfully cleaned the toilet. Mary Hinkle, who is vacationing in New Zealand with family had recieved word of the death over the telephone on Friday evening Ponderosa time,which was early Saturday afternoon there.
Tonight Mr. and Mrs.Don Barker will be giving away their daughter, Kristine Elizabeth in Marriage to Ty Wayne Kennedy at 9pm MDT. The ceremony is to be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin Kennedy, parents of the prospective groom in Upton, Wyoming .A Hawaiian themed reception is to follow immediately afterwards. In case the weather gets's nasty they'll be wed at Upton's United Methodist Church. The reason that a wedding in Wyoming is in the society page is because George and Mavis Kennedy left the Ponderosa to share in the fun. They will be coming back either Sunday or Monday. The groom-elect is a great-grandson of E.E. Hinkle of Holabird. All of us at The Holabird Advocate wish the future Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy our most heartfelt congratulations and the best of luck on their new life together. It's been said that the best way to be married a long time is to get married young, live a long life,and never get divorced. Those two will start upon the path, let's hope they get there.

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