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Thursday, July 11, 2002
VOL. I Issue 7E
Change has never come easy for our beloved, courageous, dynamic Publisher. He still refers to Bill Clinton as "the President" from time to time,when he's not paying attention. But in the last few days there's a lot more change then he can stand right know. He'll have more details about this later in this edition. On Tuesday Mary Hinkle was really changing things around bunkhouse at the Ponderosa. She started with the bedroom that she shares with Harold.That was alright, but then the next day she moved on to his bedroom. You'd think she was killing him the way he was carrying on. And it does look like a disaster hit it (but then it always did). The rebuilding is still on going.
At rehersals for "A Good Land" Jerry Hinkle looked at a real disaster area, The Hyde County Memorial Auditorium. Construction of the roof is finished but the east wing of the Aud has at least 3 feet of insulation on the floor. The ceiling in the east wing needs repair. The rest of the ceiling has been repaired already. We won't Need Claire Voyant to predict that the Aud will be ship shape and in apple pie order (whatever that means) by the time the production of "A Good Land" is ready to be performed. When that will be ready is just not known. The performances will be on August 16-17 whether they are ready or not.
by Jerry Hinkle, Special to
The Holabird Advocate
Ours, as you know, is not a perfect world. Nobody, no not even I, am perfect. The forced remodeling of my bedroom I can deal with eventually. It is after all "just stuff". I shall have to remember that everytime I look for something and can't find it. I can be glad that at least the house was not consumed by fire or flood (no chance on that last one, eh). The only thing that stays the same is the rule that all things and all people must and do change.
This morning was a real clincher for me as I was surfing the internet and saw a picture and read the words that will change me in ways that I have yet to know. You see, my dear readers, I, your courageous, dynamic Publisher has had his courageous, dynamic heart broken. It appears that while I was not looking, not paying attention, a really big change occurred. A certain young lady, whom I will not name, has married. I bare no ill will to "her" or to the person that she has married. I have chosen not to mention her name only because I don't want to cause her any more embarassment than is neccessary.
I look all around for someone to blame for the set of circumstances that I find myself in, yet the only person i can blame is the man I look in the mirror at while I'm shaving. Perhaps she has read the articles where I spoke so glowingly of Kirsten Dunst, Lisa Kudrow, or even Stephanie Herseth, and decided that I was not as fiercely loyal to "her" as I had let on. Perhaps "she" didn't want to wait for the day that I would be worthy of "her". It's even possible that "she" never wanted to have anything to do with me at alI, in this life, or the next. I hope that the person that "she" got married to makes "her" the happiest young lady in the whole U.S.A. and they have at least 75 years of wedded bliss to look forward to.
And then there's me. How will I go on? I will find a way. I became courageous and dynamic and made several changes in my life because I saw a day in that "she" and I would be able to spend the rest of our lives together. Just as soon as I was worthy of her. As the song says it's all "out the window" now. I will recover from this, of course. It will take time, yet it will happen.
This reminds me of my High School days. I was a Senior. We were reading "Macbeth". A friend of mine told me that I was like Macbeth in that "no man of woman born can destroy you". To which I replied "Yes, but women are a different story". Fact is, I would have rather had Mike Tyson chew off my body parts one by one than to have seen that bit on the internet. But the fact remains that I did. I also wish I could have been better prepared for that news. I wonder if it would have changed a thing had i known about this wedding before the fact instead of after. I doubt it, anyway I can't go back in time, only forward.
And forward I shall go. I hope that you, the reader aren't too upset with me that I have taken up the bulk of this edition of The Holabird Advocate to convey to you this particular part of my life. It will go on, you know, my life that is. Save your pity for those who need it. The timing of this, just 9 days before Y1C, was not ideal. I hope that I'll be in a festive mood by then. For Grandad's sake more than my own. I may never be my courageous, dynamic self ever again. But then who knows. I may come out of this more courageous and dymanic than ever before.

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