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Friday, May 24, 2002
VOL. I Issue 5E
Evelyn Mai Geitzenauer peeked out into the world this morning.Proud parents are Greg and Susan Geitzenauer.Evelyn is their second child who will join big sister Claire at home.She tipped the scale at 9lbs 11oz.(and Susan never cussed at all during the delivery,what a trooper).Evelyn was a week past due,which caused some of us here to wonder if she had been born on the 17th perhaps she'd have been named Syttende Mai.
It wasn't much of a happy birthday for Harold Hinkle as he had a dental appointment on that afternoon.The dentist filled in his cavities and he will go back in a week for a follow-up visit.At least he doesn't have to wear dentures and put them in a glass like his poor long suffering wife.
The first read-through for "A Good Land" was yesterday.With a few parts yet to be cast rehersal is to start Tuesday May 28.The play,written and directed by Holabird author, cultural expert, and society maven,Barbara Nemec, is the tale of 4 generations of women who settled in a Dakota Territory (later South Dakota) homestead. The play came to the author in a dream and some of the scenes were based on her own and her family's experiences.Performances will be on the 16th and 17th of August.The performace on the 16th is to be a dinner theater.
The first meeting of PETA(People Eating Tasty Animals) will be held at the Ponderosa for a picnic over the Memorial holiday weekend.Grilling will be the order of the day as hamburgers and hotdogs are the feature attraction.Singing, dancing and fun will soon follow.If you want to join this group you're more than welcome,just call ahead or you'll go hungry.If you want to start your own PETA chapter,simply grill some form of dead animal,eat and enjoy.
by Jerry Hinkle,special to the Holabird Advocate
There has been talk of making September 11th a federal holiday.The talk has died down some,but there still is talk.I am not in favor of that.Does this mean I'm not sensitive to the tragedy that unfolded that morning?NO!!! I feel as bad about what happenned as just about everyone else out there does.A federal holiday is just not neccessary.If you want to remember that day,remember it.We as a nation have had several tragedies befall us in the past.Pearl Harbor, JFK's death,the Space Shuttle explosion,and yes September 11th are among the most recent.None of these sad events that I've related have been given a federal holiday.They are observed by the people who wish to observe them in their own way.We don't need the federal government to tell us on what days to cry for the dead.Or do we?God help us if we do.Memorial Day was called Decoration day when it first started.The graves of the "Glorious Dead" in the Civil War were decorated by the ladies to honor those soldiers who died for their country and their freedom.If we honor, truly honor, those who died for their country on that day that would include all the people who died on all of the other events mentioned here.The original purpose of Memorial Day seems lost in this modern age we live in.Instead of honoring the memory of our friends, family, and heroes we "eat tasty animals".So after all the tasy animals are eaten, give thought to those who went on before you and me and be greatful.They left us a great legacy.Are we so lazy that we need another paid day off from work to remember it.I don't thinks so.If you dis-agree feel free to let me know.

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