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Saturday, April 13, 2002
VOL. I Issue 4E
The McDonald's of fast food resturants has decided to test market beef from Austrailia and New Zealand.The reasons for this,a McDonald's spokesman said in astatement for Doane Broadcasting's "Agri-Talk" radio program,was because of the low supply of lean beef in the United States.The imported beef is more economical(cheaper)than American beef as well according to the spokesman.McDonald's is still the biggest purchaser of American beef,despite the test marketing being planned.There has been talk of a boycott.It was discovered by Doane Broadcasting that foriegn meat is nothing new to fast food.Only the "Wendy's"chain of fast food resturant's was found to use 100% American beef in there hamburgers
Friday morning,E.E. Hinkle was pleasantly surprised when he was visited by Clyde and Edna Hemphill of Deer River,Minnesota.Clyde is a 1st cousin of E.E.'s late wife Bergit.They were glad to see the old boy is such good spirit's and will make there best effort to come to the Y1C celebration in July.Brittany Hinkle also visited her great-grandfather entertained everyone present by catching a catterpillar and showing it to them.Clyde and Edna were on there way back home after visiting one of their kids in Denver.They left before dinner time as they were going to try to be in Watertown,South Dakota before nightfall.
As a joke someone wrote to David Letterman and suggested that he have the entire 2002 graduating class from Harrold High school come to New York to be on his show. He consented to fly the entire class over at his expense.Now before you feel too sorry for the boy,just know that the entire class consists of one person.Her name is April Kleinschmidt.A young lady who happens to be the grandaughter of Rollie Kleinschmidt,a good friend or our Publisher.April will be on "The Late Show with David Letterman" on May 22nd.When word got out she was also aproached buy Tom Brokaw and "Good Morning America" .She is scheduled to appear on "Good Morning America" May 23.
by Jerry Hinkle,Special to
The Holabird Advocate
Yes,What does it all mean.Well,just this,In order to get on T.V.,you don't need talent,but you have to be in a class all by yourself.It means that it doesn't take muck to entertain old men or people from Minnesota.But most of all it means that if you love this country,get a "Wendy's" hamburger.

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