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Friday, April 05, 2002
VOL. I Issue 4B
The latest visitor to the Ponderosa is Joyce Ferris,who arrived at about 7pm yesterday.She will be taking a little vacation from her recycling station and just in the nick of time too.It seems that bent over and broke a rib just before coming out there.It may sound funny but nobody's laughing.Joyce was sure glad to see her father in such good shape. Some of his body heat is even getting to his hands now.That's a sign of spring for sure.
Calves on the ponderosa are being born at about the right rate considering the warming spring weather.A few were stillborn and premature,but for the most part they are well.Darrel Hinkle reported twins at one point this week.he is attempting to use one twin to take the place of one that died.A tricky proposition,but one that he can handle quite well when the time comes
In the previous edition of The Holabird Advocate it was reported former(at some ladies claim present)heartthrob Donnie Osmond was going to be hunting on the Ponderosa in the coming pheasant hunting season.That report was an April Fools prank fabricated by our Publisher,Jerry Hinkle.So if any of you gals out there were planing on taking off time from work to stalk Mr. Osmond we are sorry to inform you that it's not gonna happen.Previous Donny sightings did happen in the Miller-St. Lawerance area,so there is hope,but you'd do better to wish for a new Mercedes,as that wish may come true before you see Donny Osmond in the flesh around here.
By Jerry Hinkle,Special to
The Holabird Advocate
2002 is shaping up to be "The Year of the Sequel"for the Mickey Mouse outfit known as the Walt Disney company.Sequels are nothing new to Disney,nor are they in the entertainment word at large,but so far this year we've had "Lady and the Tramp II" "Cinderella II" and "Hunckback of Notre Dame II".Plans are underway for "Jungle Book II" and "Lion King III".What's next, "Aladin IV"? I hope that the company that was build on imagination 70+ years ago hasn't run out of original ideas.It's bad enough that the company that bares the Disney name is rewriting history with their commercials reguarding Walt's childhood.If they don't shape up in the present, then the future of Walt's legacy will dry up and blow away.I hope I'm wrong,but what are the odds of that.

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