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Wednesday, February 13, 2002
VOL. I Issue 2F
by Jerry Hinkle Special to The Holabird Advocate
Waylon Jennings died today of diabetic complications at his home in Arizona.He,along with Willie Nelson pioneered what has been refered to as "Outlaw Country".His career started with an association with Buddy Holly,who produced his 1st record "Jole Blon", and lasted for almost 5 decades with 60 albums and 16 #1 hit singles on the country chart to his credit.Jennings,who was 64,is being remembered fondly by fans and fellow artists alike,myself among that number.Back when I sang karaoke while trying to "find myself",I got into a group called "the highwaymen".I sang the Waylon Jennings part.We were not "The Highwaymen"by any means.A passage from that song goes "They burried me in that great tomb that knows no sound,but I am still around.I'll always be around and around and around and around...".Through his music he will indeed still be around.And may it always be so.
In 1959 Jennings almost met his end as previously reported in the February edition of The Holabird Advocate(consult the archives if you care to) when he gave up his seat on a plane flying from Mason City,Iowa to Fargo,North Dakota.Luckily for him and us,he lived on to bigger and better things,such as T.V. with "The Dukes of Hazard",and movies such as Sesame Street's"Follow That Bird" and a made for television remake of the classic "Stagecoach"(which was better than the original,I thought.
He was survived by his 4th wife, Jessi Colter, and his son, Shooter.
The Hinkles,through trial and error completed the butcher proccess on the 3 legged heifer.It was said that next time they should get a book to learn the proper way if this event should have a repeat.Darrel has even expressed interest in seeing the way the Myers family does it.They say"The proof of the pudding is in the eating".It should work that way with beef too.The next project will be looking for the prime rib cut.
Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day.To get ready for the big event Brittany Hinkle put cards together for her family and friends and stuffed them in envelops.Don't wait for your cards by the mailbox though.If your not within driving distance you won't get a thing.
by Jerry Hinkle
Special to the Holabird Advocate
The results of the Olympic mixed doubles figure skating competition in Salt Lake City,Utah has been a bone of contention for many people all over the world.It seems that nobody shares the judges sypathy for the Russian team's female skater because of Canada's flawless performance.I can not weigh in as far as who's right or wrong as i didn't see what happenned.However as a former spectator of similar spectacles such as Tonya Harding I can tell you that life is not fair.Deal with it.If you think that the Canadians were robbed of a gold medal,well hard cheese,deal with it. these Olympic games have been contraversial ever since it was discovered that the officials were bribed to have tha 2002 games in Utah to start with.I'll tell you how I'll deal with the Olympic games.I will not watch the cussed thing.I will watch something else,or,failing that read a book.I refuse to get worked up over something that isn't really that important to begin with.If it upsets you either deal with it or walk away.
by Jerry Hinkle Special to The Holabird Advocate
Talk about getting upset over something that doesn't matter,but guess what,"Rachel" a character on the T.V. show "Friends"was rumored to be dying in childbirth.The good news for her,the 30 or so fans of her, and the actress, Jennifer Aniston, who portrays "Rachel" is that she is not going to meet her grizzly end.Yeah,big deal.Isn't this show supposed to be a comedy?Dying in childbirth don't sound funny to me.I can't believe people actually made such a stink about this.HOWEVER,if those Bozos at the network even think of harming Lisa Kudrow,I'll go over there and do a little "oops" upside the head.

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