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Tuesday, January 08, 2002
VOL. I Issue 1D
Some thought that it was just a lark,this "blogging thing".We at The Holabird Advocate quite pleased with what we've done in the past 7 days.We have heard very little negative feedback.In fact it's all been positive.Of course,we learn as we go.You the reader may notice some subtle changes as the time progresses.We hope you approve of them.
At about 11:30pm Cade Alan Hinkle greeted and was greeted by a roomful of doctors and nurses.The boy child was a half hour shy of being born on Elvismas.Some report that the child's mother,Noel Pothast,was pushing quite hard to prevent that as that date is when she was scheduled to be induced into labor.Cade's father,Doug Hinkle had just put MS.Pothast's other kids 3 girls to bed.among visitors before the lad turned 1 day old were his Hinkle grandparents,both uncles, his only Hinkle aunt all 3 known cousins and all three known sisters.His 99 year old great-grandfather E.E.Hinkle was unable to make the trip because Harold was just in too big of a hurry to wait until the elder Hinkle could finish his customary breakfast of bacon,eggs,oatmeal(with half and half)and a glass of orange soda(cheaper than OJ so he claims).Mother and baby are doing well.he also would give his son,The Holabird Advocate's publisher,Jerry Hinkle,time to shave.He was heard to exclaim "I hope we don't run into anyone that knows us".to make a long story short,they did, everywhere they went.
Several people in the Pierre area saw Elvis today.All true fans of "The King" know that he was born on January 8,1935 to Vern and Gladys Presley in Tupelo,MS.it was a warm day in Pierre as the temp. got up to 65 degrees at one point in the day.it was a dry and dusty day as the first Elvismas must have been.All of us at The Holabird Advocate hope you had a very happy Elvismas.

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