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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Downtown Business in Mitchell

     Thursday afternoon was a very warm, windy, and sunny day. Just right for a ribbon cutting. Our Publisher, who has never attended such an event, decided it was time to do just that. It was an insteresing ocasion.
Mike Dittmer is the proud owner of Deadwood Mike's Sportscards & Collectibles, a full service sportscards and collectibles shop dealing in sportscards for every sport, both single cars a packs of same. There are also with a variety of card storage options as well. Deadwood Mike's also has a selection of die cast Nascar, MLB hats, and other assorted collectibles. Also available are Xyience Energy Drinks, Sew Simply Farmer Girl, Baysinger Honey, and Advocare Products. Gift certificates are available as well. They accept checks, major credit cards, and even cash if you have it. All kids get free gum!
Deadwood Mike's is open from Tues-Sat. 9 am-6 pm Sun. 10 am-4 pm
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish them well in this venture.

Farmers Market Thursday Opening Delayed

Wind postponed the opening of the Thursday Farmer's Market, however the usual Saturday Farmer's Market went as planed. Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle picked up a dozen eggs and 2 lbs of ground turkey from the Colony, and it only set him back $6.25. Next Thursday being Jerry's birthday, would be a great time to try it again!

Twinkies Are Back by Jerry Hinkle

Yesterday, the first batch of Twinkies have landed on store shelves all over the world. Time will tell if the next time around will be any improvement. As for me, I'm less them impressed. I went to Walmart to do a little comparison shopping. I discovered that not only does Little Debbie have there own version of the Twinkie, but so does Sara Lee. Not surprisingly, Walmart also has a knock-off version of America's favorite snack cake: the Cloud Cake.
I purchased a box of both Twinkies and Cloud Cakes. The new Twinkie is visibly smaller than the Cloud Cake, and it weighs less as well: 38.5 grams compared to the Cloud Cake's 80 grams. There is, to me at least, no difference in the taste and texture. The kicker is that the Cloud Cakes are 50 cents cheaper in the 10 count box.
We'll see if the change of management will help keep Twinkies on the shelves and in demand. I hope those of you who have missed Twinkies all this time are not disappointed. Don't you just feel sorry for those people who paid $1000 for the "last box" of Twinkies? I'd whole lot rather have a creme filled cupcake myself. God be with you and do the best you can!

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