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Monday, July 01, 2013

Publisher takes Trip to Tripp

     When our little Newsblog was founded back in 2002, It was to tell the world that there were stories to be told in the middle of nowhere. Believe it or not, many people in the world were blissfully ignorant of the existence of Holabird, SD until finding this website. Since we moved our operations from Holabird to Mitchell, we've become a little more sophisticated and uptown, but we will never forget our small town roots!
     Some time ago, Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, read the Daily Republic to see what they knew, and we spotted an article about the new grocery store in Tripp, SD. It's the fourth store of the Buche Foods chain. He read that Trip is a mere 35 miles away, about the same as a trip from the Ponderosa to Ree Heights. Since today is "Milk Monday" and Jerry had the whole day off, he decided a road Trip was in order to see the "Barn Burner Specials". Jerry did pick up a few bargains, but not before giving the store a good looking over. The store didn't appear to be busy, but it was mid morning. It was very clean as well. Perhaps he's been in the big city too long! Unlike most small town grocery stores that he's seen, this one takes credit cards. He went to the Gus Stop, but that didn't appear to be open, or even ready for business yet. When it is, that will be a good excuse to come back to Tripp!
     Jerry stopped in Parkston on the way back to the big city to get fuel. That seems like a nice little town as well. The ladies at the Casey General Store seemed to be impressed with Buche's as well. They also had nice things to say about County Fair in Mitchell. Jerry never asked and they never told about the grocery stores in Parkston. That could be another adventure for another time.

Ambassadors Cross the Pond for European Tour

The South Dakota Musical Ambassadors have been putting on the miles since leaving for Europe. London was the first stop, where the group, including Holabird's own Brittany Hinkle and Christopher Nemec, performed at Wesley Chapel and the park.They were also able to see "Wicked and "The Lion King" Next stop is Paris!

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