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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pottymouth Makes Fool of Herself at Dunkin Donuts´╗┐

     All of us here at that Holabird Advocate have been just a tad bewildered at the woman who launched into a profanity laced tirade that some of called racist. some of the things that were heard on this video have caused some of us to wonder if the whole thing was on the level, or some kind of act. Had this woman looked at the video before posting she'd surely see that she isn't helping her cause.
     So what was her complaint? She seemed to be disgruntled because she wasn't given a receipt. Since there is no DD in this area, we have nobody to contact for context of the complaint. However most of the better eating places to offer to give the customer a receipt of their order. One wondered how she can prove that she didn't get one. During her 8 minutes of infamy, the irate customer also accused them of spitting and urinating in her food, but there was no clear evidence that such a thing took place. This is a clear exception to the rule "The customer is always right". This customer could not have been more wrong. Still, she supposedly was booked on the Today Show, so what do we know!

Clouds Cool Pool Party

Last Sunday some people at Fusion got together at one of the cities better residences for a pool party which was, as we understand it to be a potluck affair, since they are Methodists and all. The hosts did good a pork loin, but Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, who went despite not knowing how to swim, did not get any. As it happens the clouds overhead did not put many of the adults in a swimming mood, but the children didn't seem to mind. The pool, after all, was heated. Jerry cut his visit short because he had to get to the Hut, because they were very busy, and he was needed. Hopefully it will warm up before the next one.

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