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Monday, May 20, 2013

On the Edge of Wetness

     Kornfield county is getting some much needed rain.Some places have had more than an inch of preciptation, and the ground was so dry that it all soaked in. The corn planting seems to be right on schedule in some areas, ahead of schedule in others. The rain is a bit of a bother in the big city however. Some of the city folks rush right out when it raining to roll up the windows on their cars and trucks while our Publisher looks on, shakes his head and chuckles in haughty derision because he knew that the time to roll up windows was before the rain.
     Today being May 20, all of us would be remiss not to tell all those who are so inclined to get your corn planted. E.E. Hinkle dad. Ed Hinkle always tried to get his planted corn on his birthday. One wonders if he would be up to it at age 144. Probably not!

On the Edge of Darkness

     The new Star Trek movie, "Into Darkness" opened to mild enthusiasm. This not withstanding, our Publisher is going to take some time away from the home office and give it the once over. Everyone he knows that has seen the movie has thus far had nothing but good things to say about it. To be sure, as with all things Trekian, this movie had had detractors as well. The only way to know if it's any good, he reckons, is to see it for himself.
     Our Publisher considers himself a trekkie, but since he's never been to a convention, or dressed like a character of that franchise, we kinda doubt that he is. Still, he has quite a few toyv phasers and a communcator, so maybe a Trekker. He'll have more on this tomorow!

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