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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Calming Down in Kornfield County´╗┐

     Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, had a busy weekend with work, church, and relatives coming over on Sunday. Darrel, Kristi, and Brittany Hinkle stopped in on their way back from Avon where they were picking up supplies for the Greenhouse. Darrel invited his oldest brother to dine with them at the Ruby Tuesday in Mitchell. Jerry enjoyed getting the chance to catch up on all the family goings on. It was a quick visit, because Darrel wanted to get the cargo unloaded before dark.
Jerry went to work after they left for home, but there wasn't very many people going out for pizza on Mother's Day, so he was booted at 7:30 or so. Jerry then went to the hospital to check on his coffee buddy, Earl, only to find someone else in his room. It's good he was able to be discharged. Hopefully they will both be back to the old familiar routine before too awful long.

 "Grease" Auditions Coming Soon

     ACT has announced that auditions for the Summer Musical Production of "Grease" will be held on May 15-16 at the Pepsi Cola Theatre on the corner of 7th and Main at 7:30 PM. There are parts for ages 14 and up. Since Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle is in that age group, he thinks that applies to him as well. Since he has Thursday off, that might be his best bet. Ever since he played the part of an audience member in Xanadu earlier this year, his feet have been itching to be on stage. Whether the rest of his body will cooperate remains to be seen.

Senate Race Analysis by Jerry Hinkle

     I listen to a lot of retired people as they drink their morning coffee, and this is what I've learned. Regardless of party, they can all agree on one thing. The Democrats need this seat in the Senate. Of that there can be no doubt. And for some time now there has been a certain amount of speculation among the electorate that either Senator Johnson's son, Brendan, or Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SHS) will be the Democrat they need to keep that seat blue, or if former Governor Mike Rounds will paint it red. Thus far, as we all read on the Front Page of the Holabird Advocate yesterday (you did read it yesterday didn't you) we are looking at only Rick Weiland to challenge Rounds next year, unless someone else is brave enough to run between now and next June in the primary.
So the next question is, can Weiland beat Rounds. The only way to know is to turn on the TV on Election day in November and wait for the results. This fight if it happens, between Mike "Mr. Nice Guy" Rounds and Rick "Real Democrat" Weiland will be an interesting campaign to behold. Will it get nasty? It obviously will! If the candidates themselves won't sling mud, outside interests will get their hands dirty. Rounds smiled his way into the Governor's Residence, but he might be called upon to go negative. It will be interesting to see if he can resist that call. As for Weiland, this is his third attempt at office, yet precious little is known about him. I have a feeling before this election is out, we will know more than we want to about everyone in this race. The bottom line is that we'd better enjoy the lull in campaign 2014, because if history has taught me anything, I know it won't last long. God be with you and do the best you can!

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