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Monday, May 13, 2013

Herseth Sandlin Chooses Not to Run´╗┐

     This morning Stephanie Herseth Sandlin posted on her Facebook page that although she was confident that she could win a statewide race next year, that she and her family decided not to run at this time. With her out and Brendan Johnson keeping his distance, the only Democrat running for Senate next year, a least so far, is Rick Weiland. We have a whole 13 months before the primary, so there is still time for anyone, regardless of party to throw their proverbial hat into the ring as it were. As it stands now it looks like a Rounds Vs. Weiland fight for the Senate in 2014.

A Day for Mother by Jerry Hinkle

     One of the many great things about this country is our willingness to celebrate motherhood. We'll celebrate fatherhood later on, but it's not the same. Not every country does this either. A friend of mine that lives in Ghana never heard about Mother's Day. What a shame that is!
     Methodists traditionally celebrate Mother's Day as the Festival of the Christian Home in their worship service. Sadly, as a lifelong Methodist, I never knew that until yesterday's worship service. Either that or I did and forgot all about it.I must admit, I'm not sure why, because a Christan family needs both parents. I guess we'll see what Methodists celebrate on Father's Day!
Will Rogers once said that "Mothers and dogs are the only 2 things that will love you no matter how badly you treat them". As it happens, I ran over my dog with the silage truck, fatally as it turned out. As far as my mother goes, I can't remember what the worst thing I did to her was, and I'm sure she doesn't remember either. I have made jokes at her expense like saying such things as that she never wanted me to be a comedian because she was afraid people would laugh at me. The truth is, she has always been supportive of all of my endeavors, even when she didn't approve of them. When I failed, she was always there to cheer me, and on the rare occasions that I succeeded, she could not have been prouder.That's the mark of a good mother right there! My brother's and I are very blessed. I didn't always know that, but i do now. I'm sure my brothers do as well. God be with you and do the best you can!

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