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Monday, April 08, 2013

Winter Storm Lemuel on the Way

     The National´╗┐ Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm watch for the Kornfield County area starting tonight and going until Wednesday at noon. It has been reported that we could get as much as 8-9 inches of snow! Shawn Cable apparently told my Sister in law that the Holabird metropolitan area is going to get anywhere from 10-16 inches of the white stuff. All you Readers with calves on the ground could be in for it!

The REST of the Story with apologies to Paul Harvey by Jerry Hinkle  

Ever since I saw the Dodge Truck ad on the Super Bowl, I've heard both yeas and nays about it. Critics of the ad range from those who claim that the hardest work a farmer ever does is walking to the mailbox to pick up his government check, to those who claim the ad only tells half the story. First off, I can tell you that Farmers work very hard, and not just because they get a check from the government. Anyone who says otherwise never worked for my dad! As for the other critics, here is my attempt at telling-the Rest of the story:
After God made the farmer, he saw that it was not good for the farmer to be alone! He needed a helper, someone to open every gate, watch said gate and close it-so God made a farm wife
He saw that the farmer needed an extra pair of hand to milk cows, help pull a backward lamb, and pull his tractor out of the mud when he gets stuck-so God made a farm wife.
He saw that the farmer needed to have someone to fix proper food after a hard days work so he didn't sit on the sofa and eat cheese puff all the time and keep the living area as tidy as possible, to let a newborn calf cold and wet from snow come into her kitchen and then with a tear in her eye help throw it on the rock-pile when it dies-so God made a farm wife.
He saw that the Farmer needed someone to keep a flowerbed to brighten up the drab and dreary yard, and keep the kids busy enough so they don't get into trouble-so God made a farm wife.
God made a farmer and a farm wife to kick-start the Earth into existence. He didn't make a banker, a lawyer, or even a politician, because he knew that even with a wife, they couldn't make his creation all that he wanted it to be, but a farmer can-with a little help from the Mrs., and now you know the REST of the story. GOOD DAY!
God be with you and do the best you can!

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