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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Publisher's Friend Discovers Newsblog

Last night, Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle went to the Ramada to listen to the Flat Broke Band and engage in a little social media. After updating his status, one of his friends on Facebook commented that her friend is one of the members of that band. Then just as randomly she asks if he wrote about Dick Kniep, which as it happens he did. Someone sent this article to her because he's a relative. She saw his name, so she thought perhaps he wrote it. The tag line "God be with you and do the best you can" should have answered the question before it was asked, but that's OK, because now he knows for sure that what everyone here at the Holabird Advocate has been telling him for 11 years, "Be careful what you write because someone could be reading".

Corrections and Apologies by Jerry Hinkle

I discovered, just now, that I as Publisher may be courageous and dynamic, but as an editor, proofreader, and speller, I still have some work to do. It seems that Brendan Johnson's name was spelled "Brenden". This may not have been the first instance of such a gross misdeed, but I'll certainly be ever vigilant and watchful in the future, should the occasion arise that it becomes necessary to print his name on our front page ever again in the future. Unless I miss my guess, that could very well happen at least once more. In any case, I as Publisher, most profusely apologise to Mr. Johnson and his family for not taking the time to spell his first name properly!
By the way, just because his first name is misspelled it not a reason not to vote for Brendan Johnson in the Holabird Advocate Pollmaster General. Nobody has so far, but it's early yet! And as always God be with you and do the best you can!

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