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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cold Snap on First Day of Spring!

     Our Publisher woke up this morning to see 9 degrees on the thermometer. He thought nothing of it, until he was en route to the home office and heard on the radio that today was the 1st day of Spring. You just know those E=mc square-heads are gonna blame this cold snap on global warming, too! Ah yes, but the geese are still flying north, so we know this cold weather won't be around long!

Publisher Loses America

This morning, Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle was so cold that he went to his favorite neighborhood coffee shop where America had a caramel mocha with his name on it. For some reason, she decided to pop the question. You know, the question that all women ask before they get serious about a feller. That question: "What do you do?"
     At first, Jerry thought it was some sort of accusation. He had to come up with an answer, and an honest one at that. "I work at Pizza Hut.", he said boldly. After all, he didn't want to tell her that he was a blogger. The she asked "What do you do at Pizza Hut?" So he told her that he washed dishes.
All of the sudden, it was just as chilly inside the coffee house as it was outside. "I thought you were a self employed businessman of some kind. I mean you always dress nice, and you pay with $20 bills" At that moment Jerry became the mayor of Awkward City. On the bright side, Jerry is still a great actor. After all, he was able to convince a young lady that he's only known since last October that he was a successful businessman, and he wasn't even trying.

Looking for the Next Kneip by Jerry Hinkle

Every chance I get, I like to listen to "100 eyes on SD Politics" on the Argus Leader website. Like the Holabird Advocate the same things get talked about, except they only do it once a week. Here lately the three wiseguys have been talking about the governor's race in 2014. It is a year away, and there is nobody that appears to be even remotely interested in taking on out current Governor.
As a political maverick these days, I have no loyalty to either party, despite being a registered Democrat. I'm also a likely voter who loves to have a choice, even if it's an easy one. I have never voted for the Republican candidate, for SD governor, but next year could change that. Is it really that difficult to find someone willing to run for Governor? Of course it is! Governor Daaugaurd, despite whatever human frailties he's has, does appear to be a shoe-in for re-election.
What the Democrats need is another Dick Kneip. He ran against Frank Farrar, a man my own Grandad said was a "good Republican", when he was up for re-election, and managed to come out on top. Is there another Kneip out there? If so where is he (or she, come on ladies) hiding?
The 100 eyes guys seem to think Bernie Hunhoff will be the go-to guy when next year rolls around. I wish Mr. Hunhoff would run again, because I need another t-shirt. I'd vote for him too! Trouble is, he ran and was soundly defeated. That election of 1998 was a hard lesson for me about getting emotionally involved in politics, to say nothing of what it did for him. And campaigns are expensive to run, as well as to finance.
     Bottom line: If Mr. Hunhoff is in, I'll get behind him, committing all the resources at my disposal to do so. If someone else comes along with the same guts, grit and determination as Dick Kneip comes along, I'll get behind him (or her) as well! But even a candidate like Uncle Jake is better than no candidate at all. In any case, let's keep looking! God be with you and do the best you can!

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