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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Xanadu to Debut Tomorrow Night

DWU Theatre's production of "Xanadu" is set to open at the Patten-Wing Theatre Friday March 15 at 7:30. Our Publisher will miss opening night of the production because of prior commitments, but he has secured a ticket to the closing performance. This production appears to be a most ambitious undertaking. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate can hardly wait to see the magic unfold!

My Tuppence Worth by Jerry Hinkle

     Last night I was talking to one of the Fusion Pastor's wives and their 2 children. The daughter was telling me about her backyard bird feeder. That caused me to think of the movie Mary Poppins. I can't quite recall what brought up the subject in the movie, but Ms. Poppins was telling Michael Banks about the little old woman selling bird seed for "Tuppence a bag". That lead me to recall that Mr. Banks wanted his son to invest that same tuppence in the, to be specific, in the Dawes, Tomes Mosley, Grubs Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. Quite a dilemma, eh?
     Spoilers abound hereafter, so please watch the movie before reading further. Despite the Bankers' thoughtful and well reasoned appeal for the tuppence, the boy raised such a fuss that he caused, indirectly, a run on the bank for the first time since 1773. Kids! what can you do?
     Life was so simple back in 1910, when the movie was set. With King Edward VII on the throne, it was the age of men, or so we are told! Women wanted the vote, and were not above a little civil disobedience in order to get it (I'm sure they have it now). And the tuppence went to the birds instead of helping to maintain the British Empire.
The reason Mr. Banks did not want his son to feed the birds was supposedly because he was afraid the birds would get fat. I wonder if, after those birds were fed if perhaps they didn't pay Michael back by using his hair as a toilet.Then again, it could be seen as an act of kindness to feed the birds. I'm sure our Heavenly Father smiles on those who feed the sparrows.
      Back in 1910, the British Empire was going strong, now not so much. But the Kingdom of Heaven still thrives. Where will you invest your tuppence? God be with you and do the best you can!

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