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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

JR Ewing Shot Dead by Jerry Hinkle

     On episode 2.7 of the new Dallas show on TNT Monday night, all of those who cared to watch it saw JR Ewing get shot, or at least they heard it. When I saw it yesterday morning, I was kinda disappointed. As I thought about it later on, however, I realized that even with all of the technology available, TNT did the best they could to have the human oil slick known as John Ross Ewing Jr. go out with style. Personally I'd have preferred a plane crash or a bomb. 
     Instead of concentrating on what they did wrong, I must say that it was nice that the writers let JR say that he was proud of John Ross III before he ate lead. Many fathers don't get the chance to tell their sons that, and many sons don't get to hear it.
The funeral episode next week looks interesting for several reasons. Cliff Barnes coming over to pay his "disrespects" as he said in the preview was quite funny while at the same time pathetic. Lets not forget that 20 years ago Cliff bought Ewing for Oil at a bargain price and turned it into Barnes Global. He beat JR! Truth be told JR never recovered from that loss. It'll be nice to see how the Ewings deal with him.
Ancient Greek Mythology told the story of how kings on earth made the gods angry. The kings of this era seem to be the 1%. The story of JR Ewing should evolve into one of the greatest legends of all time, right up there with John Henry and Casey Jones. time will tell I guess! God be with you and do the best you can!


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