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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Storm Ida-Lee Arriving Tomorrow Night

     Another 6-7 inches of snow is forecast in a future winter storm all of us here at the Holabird Advocate are calling Ida-Lee. From what we have been able to piece together, the storm is going to start sometime Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. Hopefully the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce will be able to have their bus tour to the Capital on Thursday

Brittany Hinkle Stays Hungry

Kristi Hinkle reportedly drove in blizzard conditions to get to kids to a shooting sports event. Oldest daughter, Brittany Hinkle showed her appreciation of her mothers efforts by doing quite well in the archery portion of the event.Brittany's coach asked her where she learned so much about archery without actually doing it. as only Brittany could, she said, "Watching The Hunger Games"! There has been speculation as to if Brittany could shoot an apple off someones head. Our Publisher volunteered to place an apple on his head for her to shoot at provided he could "sit on the toilet, just in case".  She definitely has the same careful aim that E.E. Hinkle used when she shot that skunk at age 89. Good job Brit!

Tragic Celebs by Jerry Hinkle

It's funny in  a sad way how whenever bad things happen to even a minor celebrity, the media is right there getting the dirt and spreading it around like the fertilizer it is. There are two minor celebrities who have been in tragic circumstances that are in the news for just such a reason.
Mindy McCready comes to mind right off. I have to admit myself that when I first heard of her death, my first question was "Who?" That doesn't seem to matter. Every detail about her death, and the events that preceded it are paraded around even down to how she may have shot her boyfriends dog before doing herself in. Do we really need to know this? We must, because I just reported it here.
Then there is the case of the man in South Africa, Oscar Pistorius. The guy who, as he claims accidentally shot his girlfriend 3 times. This story is just too much. I feel guilty for knowing as much as I do about this. I must admit that it's the TV that tells me the most. Every time I go to the Ramada, the news program on the TV gives me the latest. I should get up and walk away, but I listen. I guess I only have myself to blame.
We all need to hold the people left behind by these deaths up in prayer. Hopefully then some good will come out of this, if that's possible! God be with you and do the best you can!

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