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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Blizzard Homer to Arrive Tomorrow

     This weekend is becoming a tale of two storms. Those being Winter Storm Nemo, brought to you by The Weather Channel, and Blizzard Homer, brought to you by the Holabird Advocate. First of all we want to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of the Readers out in the East who have to contend with 2-2.5 feet of snow. From what has been reported, the area known as Keloland can expect as much as 12 inches of snow from Homer, which doesn't sound nearly as bad, but still not all that good either. If we have electricity and internet connectivity, we will bring you coverage of Blizzard Homer as events warrant, weather permitting.
     The snow is forecast to start around midnight tonight and continue until Monday at Noon with 50 MPH winds to add to the fun. If you are in the path of either of these storms, or any others that may not be getting the same publicity, please get as comfortable as possible, because you might be there for a while. Kornfield County is only supposed to get 3-6 inches, so our Publisher bought a snow-brush, because he is tired of using his sleeve to clear the windshield.

Cracker-barrel Session Informs Voters

     The District 20 Legislators met with interested constituents at a Cracker-barrel session held at the MTI Amphitheatre and sponsored by the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce. It was mentioned by one of the legislators that there should be more occasions like this. It was also mentioned that this Cracker-barrel was better attended than the last one. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate must agree, because we didn't find out about the last one until 6 days after it took place.
     Among the issues discussed were: anonymous free speech, more funding for roads, teenagers texting while driving, amending the Federal Constitution to balance the budget, and finding a way to license construction managers. Education funding, which usually gets mentioned was not even on the table, interestingly enough.
     Mitchell Business Day at the Statehouse is February 21. If our Publisher is able to attend, he will have to pony up $95 to get on the bus.

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