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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

PETA PO'ed At Beyonce´╗┐

     It must be a slow news day or something, because All of us here at the Holabird Advocate heard just this morning that the usual gang of idiots over at PETA were upset with Beyonce performing her halftime show dressed in too much leather. Our Publisher went back over the footage of her performance and strained both eyes looking for the offensive leather, finding very little of it. It appears that the skimpy nightgown she wore was made of genuine cowhide. It would be easy enough to laugh this off, but we are wondering why it took PETA so long to notice what she had on, when all the religious people noticed almost instantly that she was flashing Illuminati signs and other satanic practices during her part of the festivities. Of course that was a given. It's quite obvious that when you have the perfect body, AND that much singing and dancing talent, that somebody sold their soul to the devil.

Losing the War on Cancer by Jerry Hinkle

When someone dies of cancer, it's a tragedy, because cancer really puts those who die, and those who are left behind through hell. The best thing that you can say about cancer is that once it kills, the person is free from pain. Getting to that point is a true battle.
When I first became aware of Hunter Mees, and his fight, I was somewhat aloof about it, but God had something in mind and set a plan in motion. After more than 5 years of being cancer free, i think we can say he was cured. I was given credit for helping bring that about, credit that wasn't deserved. I tried to use the power of this once great blog to help other's in their fight as well. Trouble was, everyone else that I rallied around got cured of their cancer by dying. Slowly I gave up the fight. it was an easy thing to do, since it really wasn't my fight to begin with.
Recently, I became aware of another Hunter who is fighting cancer. His name is Hunter Bork, he went to DWU as it turns out. I understand he has 3 months to live, and 6 if he is really lucky.  He has accepted his fate and his taking each day as it comes. That is all I really know about it, and that's all I need to know. I will keep this Hunter in my prayers, just like I did the other, and I hope that I can count on you Readers to do the same! He has quite a fight ahead of him! God be with you and do the best you can!

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