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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Homer is Here by Jerry Hinkle

     Several inches of wet heavy packing snow has fallen on the city of Mitchell, announcing the arrival of Blizzard Homer. I Estimate the first 3 inches fell by 8 am, and that can't be far off. The City declared a Snow emergency. Churches took to the radio and Facebook to call the faithful to stay home, warm and safe, and many heeded that call.
     I did not! Because I have more guts than brains, I went out in the first wave. I walked to FUMC to see the doors were locked. It looked as though someone tried to clear a path and gave up. The path they cleared had been covered with snow as well. I then went back home to drive to the South McDonalds, which appeared deserted except for a snow removal vehicle, so I passed by. I made my way to Taco Johns, where I waited out the rest of the storm after seeing that the Fusion service was cancelled on Facebook. At about 10:45, I decided to see if FUMC was opened. It wasn't! I watched some old DVD's until a little after 2pm, then I drove to the Public Library, which was devoid of any signs of life, except for the flags flying in the breeze. I gave the South McDonalds another chance, and it was open for business. A balding middle aged man was skyping in German where I usually sit, so I fought my inner Dr. Cooper to allow him squatter's rights. The Hand County ambulance stopped by, and although I was tempted to see why they were so far away from home, I decided to let it be.
In any case, I pray they get back home safely!
    The second wave of Blizzard Homer is bringing more of the same visibility has not been a problem here in the city, and I'm not even gonna try to leave. I like adventure as well as the next man, but If I make it to work at 5:30 and safely back home that's enough adventure for one day!
God be with you and do the best you can!

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