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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Storm Caledonia Strikes

     Last night was very hard for our Publisher. First a gang of marauding teenagers tried to mug him armed with chains and knives. Then as he got away from them, he discovered a terrorist plot to blow up the Corn Palace, but that goodness he woke up to find it was all a dream before the bomb went off. He was awakened by a clatter outside, but instead of a sleigh with reindeer, it was a snowplow. While our Publisher slept at least 3 inches of snow fell on the ground. There will be another snow removal at 11pm don't don't any of y'all park your car on the street tonight!
Meanwhile the snow report indicates a light dusting in the Medicine Creek area of Holabird, as well as the Twin Cities area. And as it's supposed to, the sun is shining on the Ponderosa!

Christmas at McDonald's?

     There was a report on Yahoo News that McDonald's COO was requested to the companies independent franchisers that they buck the trend and open on Christmas Day. Sales of the fast food giant dipped by about 2% in October, but in November, they went up by about the same amount in places where the restaurants were opened on Thanksgiving. the company appears to think making themselves available on Christmas will boost sales for December as well. All of the restaurants owned by the company will be opened on Christmas day. Some Churches are not happy about this. 
UPI Reports that Heather Oldani, a spokesperson for the company had no comment, except to say that, "restaurants will be open to serve our customers when and how they need over the holidays."
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate will have more on this story if the need arises.

Easy Bake Oven for Boys

For nearly 50 years, little girls have been able to learn the fine art of baking by using a light bulb inside an Easy Bake oven. Now little boys can learn learn too! A 13 year old girl circulated a petition for Hasbro, makers of the Easy Bake oven to make their product more gender neutral. Over 40,000 people signed the petition, and Hasbro is listening. If only there was an Easy Bake grill!

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