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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Publisher Gifted on Grandmother Birthday

    On what was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Bergit Hinkle, her grandson, Jerry Hinkle, our courageous, dynamic Publisher, was on the receiving end of much generosity. On his way to the office yesterday, there was a rather large package, which he set aside to open later. Later on, at the office, one of the Fusion Pastor's wives dropped by with a plate of cookies. Then at his paying job, Jerry got a little helping hand, which is always welcome on a fundraiser night!
     Our special report on Bergit's birthday was a ratings bonanza. Our biggest post relaunch audience, 18 Readers logged in, and the response was 100% positive, which is consistent! Oh, and by the way, the package was from South Dakota 4-H, and that was really something. Jerry was expecting a t-shirt, but the package was somewhat bigger. He noticed that they spent $14.65 on the postage. Turns out that on top of the 4-H t-shirt, they threw in a 4-H cap, some decals, a 4-H coffee mug and a nice little note. When they give a prize, they don't go halfway! 

Oak Ridge Boys to Play the Palace

     The Oak Ridge Boys are scheduled to bring their Christmas show to Kornfield County at the Corn Palace on the evening of December 20. If anyone is available to play cub reporter and cover this concert, the Holabird Advocate will supply your ticket, front the successful applicant  $15 for incidentals, and a throw in a possible bonus if certain criteria are met. If we can't find someone, our Publisher may have to do that himself, providing other obligations don't get in the way!

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