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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Winter Storm Brutus Brings Snow

     The Calendar says December, but until yesterday morning, it never really seemed like it in Mitchell, when Winter Storm Brutus came uninvited. The weatherman promised 2.5 inches, but it hasn't quite arrived yet. We've heard that back in Holabird the folks have received more that 3 inches of snow. another round of flurries is expected today and into the night with temperatures in the teens. Sounds like a good excuse to stay home and bake cookies!

Publisher Wins Shirt

     It's been said "To err is human, to really screw up you need a computer" The South Dakota 4-H Facebook page reached 1001 "likes", so to celebrate they drew randomly from those "likes" to gift someone a t-shirt, and the name of Jerry Hinkle was drawn. In order to find out his shirt size, they needed to contact him. They were so desperate to contact him, they "liked" our FB page to leave him a message, which he thought was spam. Eventually all the misconceptions were cleared. In a few days, he'll have a new t-shirt, just in time for the winter weather.

What IS in a Name by Jerry Hinkle

     Shakespeare once suggested that what we call a rose would smell as sweet, or as Andy Griffith translated "You can change the name of a rose, but you can't do anything about the smell". Sometimes a good name can make all the difference. The name of Greenland suggests beautiful lush pastures and trees. Have you ever been to Greenland. It's a dreadful, cold, barren place.
Lee Iacocca wrote in his book, "Straight Talk" of a board meeting that took place while he was the CEO of Chrysler. It was suggested that the company change its name to Chrysco, because the name of Chrysler was too associated with cars. Mr. I shot back "If we changed the name to Chrysco, we'd be too associated with shortening." The motion failed!
Walter P. Chrysler bought the Maxwell company. Have you ever driven a Maxwell? The car was a joke, and I mean that literally. Comedian Jack Benny had so much fun at the Maxwell's expense that he got rich and never had to used foul language. Comics can't do that these days! Chysler knew that he had to change the name before he changed the cars. The proud name of Chysler has taken some beatings, but it's still on every car they've produced since 1925. Formitable!
    I foolishly thought a new name would freshen up my writing, so the Holabird Advocate became the Jerry Hinkle Program. For some reason the new name did not take to the Readers. It took me nearly 4 years to realize that I had made a mistake. Now if I can live up to the reputation that I've created for this blog, all will be well! God be with you and do the best you can!

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