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Monday, December 03, 2012

Laina "Overly Attached Girlfreind" Named Holabird Advocate Person of the Year

     In June of this year, a young lady from the Denton, Texas area know as Laina became a YouTube sensation when she made a viral video parody of a Justin Bieber song. Her signature "creepy face" has generated quite a few memes as well. Of the 23 videos on her YouTube channel, 5 have gone mega-viral (more than 1 million hits each). All this in less than 6 months. Impressive stuff so far.
     But that is just part of the reason Laina, and the fictional character she has accidentally created, is being honored by our little newsblog. This young lady, whose last name has been successfully concealed from the public. has used her sudden fame to give back to the world. In her first "Dare to Share" challenge, which we'll post sometime later today, she helped raise more that $22,000 for a charity called Surf Camp in about a month's time.
While it's true that she's not curing cancer or feeding the hungry, Laina is using what she has been given to help others. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are impressed by that. Her videos are mostly G rated, family friendly, and funny. Her parents can be proud.

Mike Rounds to Run for Senate

Yes, we are aware that this is old news, but Former Governor Rounds had to make this formal announcement while we were on hiatus. It matters little, however, since this announcement did not catch anyone by surprise. The content of his speech, invoking his grandchildren, reminded all of us here at the Holabird Advocate of his late predecessor, Bill Janklow, when he gave a similar speech in his run for the House back in 2002.
     Some are wondering if Rounds has the right stuff to go up against Senator Tim Johnson  in 2014. Someone must think he has a chance, or he would have washed his hands of the race already. Our Pollmaster General reports that among Holabird Advocate Readers, 42% prefer him, compared to 25% for Johnson. The rest favor Representative Noem for the seat that hasn't been Republican since Larry Pressler vacated it in 1997. Time will tell if the rest of South Dakota goes GOP in this race.

"White Christmas" a Dream Come True by Jerry Hinkle

For the first theatre review since the relaunch, I hit the jackpot with the Mitchell ACT production of "White Christmas". I had mixed feelings about this going in. The Movie upon which this play is based has been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw it on TV 25 Christmases ago.
     However, Director Melissa Vatter Miller known to many as "Mama Mel" put together a great cast. Director Devin Carey did his part to make the dance numbers in the show look up to the Broadway standard, to my untrained eye at least.
For this production Wallace and Davis were played by Mark Puetz and Tanner LaValliere respectively. The movie goes into better detail about how they teamed up, but that's OK. The guys meet up with the Haynes sisters, Judy and Betty, played by Madison-Ainsley Miller and Elizabeth Moore respectively. This is where the chemistry kicks in! The two ladies blend well enough together that you'd believe they were actual sisters, and the dance numbers between Bob and Betty and Phil and Judy as well as the kissing were very realistic, and very convincing. The play made better use of supporting characters than the movie with plenty of "Let me be in the show" moments.
The problem with most musical theatre is all of the singing and dancing, but not here. The worst part of this production was the intermission. This reviewer managed to finish his popcorn and candy bar, visit to the rest room, wash hands and face (next time buy M&M's) and still get back to his chair and wait for Act II for what seemed like forever. The wait, was worth it however. With two standing ovations in Sunday's afternoon matinee, this show was a crowd pleaser!
The bottom line is that I laughed when I was supposed to, cried when I was supposed to, and I applauded with the rest of the audience about 87.5% of the time. To me, our community theatre is just like Broadway at a fraction of the cost, and that's thanks to the tremendous local talent we have in the Mitchell area. If it wasn't, I wouldn't go as often as I do!  

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