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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Adventure by Jerry Hinkle

     It's funny how back in Mitchell, I'd have to go looking for adventure to put on the Front Page of the Holabird Advocate, but when I come to Holabird, adventure just seems to happen. My parents and I went to Pierre to take care of a few things, my mother had her annual mammogram (y'all ladies who haven't better get it done), we went to see the last day of the Capitol Christmas Trees, and we met my brother Doug and dropped off some stuff that his family left behind.
     Before leaving Pierre, we stopped at the Walmart and I saw a video camera that was label as "YouTube ready". Which started me thinking if I should diversify into Television. For as little as $18 I could join the thousands of others who flood the internet with videos in a cheap attempt at super stardom. Worst case scenario: people who can't read can watch me make a fool out of myself and laugh at me. For $28 I can get an HD video Camera. I'm going to study on this a little more before I do it, but so far, I'm not seeing a downside. Sometime next year, I could start filming "The Jerry Hinkle Program" and be just as famous as everyone else who does that!
     So we get back to the Ponderosa, have evening vittles, and then my dad and I argue about politics (one of the few legal forms of recreation that I enjoy). About 9 pm, my niece Brittany comes over to look for her special medicated toothpaste and toothbrush kit. It turns out that we thought it was part of the stuff that Doug left behind. Dad arranged to meet Doug in Blunt, and wanted me to go along. We were going to meet at my niece Ashley's place, so my parents, Brittany and I piled in the car, but halfway there, we got a call from Doug that the house was dark, so we met at the gas station. One thing is for sure, Brittany will have one heck of an essay for school about what she did on Christmas vacation. It'll be funny too!
     Coming back to Holabird for the Christmas season was so much fun and enjoyable, but tomorrow it's back to the big city! I have a feeling I'll have writers block for a while. Happy Boxing Day! God be with you and do the best you can!

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